Chamber Orchestra (,, - timp. 2 perc., strings:



The opening theme of this piece was originally conceived as an orchestration exercise; re-composing the title sequence for the classic Hitchock film, Vertigo (1958). From this early sketch I saw potential for a more complete and independent work, so I took the opportunity to extend the musical material, and used the film as an abstract inspiration for this sonic journey. Hitchcock's story presents a man driven to the edge of insanity by his obsession with a woman he fears he can never have. Therefore, Vertigo (2021) explores themes of obsession (the relentless timpani groove) and instability (the unpredictable rhythms and dynamic swells), with moments of both wildly unhinged and eerily quiet madness.

Composed for the Momentum Ensemble as part of the Australian Youth Orchestra's 2021 composition program. *This work was originally composed for single strings, however a chamber strings section can be used if available.

Running, Thinking, Breathing - Title.png