Alto saxophone and electronics



Expansion takes the listener on a journey from acoustic sound into electroacoustic sound. Opening with an expressive solo saxophone, the electronics subtly begin to mimic the soloist and eventually form a flowing texture over which the saxophone explores playful melodies. The texture continues to expand throughout the piece, culminating in the final wash of shimmering electronic colours.

The intention behind composing this piece was to facilitate a more natural relationship between the saxophonist and the electronic accompaniment by allowing the performer to trigger pre-recorded sounds in their own time, as opposed to following the rigid timing of a click-track. Ultimately this gives the saxophonist more freedom to perform expressively and impromptu alongside the electronics.

Composed for Sam Weller. All electronic sounds in this piece come from saxophone samples. I sincerely thank Sam Weller for recording all samples, for his feedback throughout the compositional process, and for premiering the piece. Premiered at Konzertprojekt’s ‘Light Qualities’ as part of Vivid 2019.

Running, Thinking, Breathing - Title.png