Eat Your Damn Vegetables

Chamber ensemble (flute, Bb clarinet [& Bb bass clarinet], violin, cello, percussion)



This piece reflects on the internal process and mental battle of convincing yourself to follow through with difficult or undesirable actions which ultimately improve your mental heath. Viewing this struggle through both light-hearted and sincere lenses, contrasting musical extremes (high and low; busy and sparse; loud and soft; wide and narrow) are juxtaposed to express the disunity between our internal emotions and external appearance. Jittering and swelling musical representations of panic conflict against the projection of calm and steadiness. Eventually, the relentless intensity breaks down into a heaving mess, exhausting itself of energy.

Composed for Ensemble Offspring's 2021 Hatched Summer School to be premiered on December 17th 2021 at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Running, Thinking, Breathing - Title.png