Scores Now Available in the SHOP!

All this spare time in Sydney's now 7-week lockdown has been the perfect opportunity to organise my website and set up something I've wanted to have since I created this site – a shop! You can now purchase scores as digital downloads here, in the new 'shop' section of my website.

Even works with electronic accompaniment (like Expansion and Cookie Cutter) can easily be purchased and downloaded as a package which includes the score and all digital materials required to perform the piece.

I've taken this opportunity to cull some older works, and there are a few pieces that either require partial rewriting or the creation of parts before they return to the website. So while there are only ten or so scores available now, there are more on the way, including a number of works awaiting their premiere, such as a new violin and piano work, Stepping Out, commissioned for The ANAM Set 2021.

With a range of solos, duets, chamber and choral works, support living music by purchasing an original score!


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