Saxophone Premiere at Vivid Mini-Festival: Light Qualities

I am very excited to be a guest composer for a Vivid Sydney mini-festival called Light Qualities. Curated by the composer collective 'Konzertprojekt', Light Qualities consists of four concerts, each taking its title from a different method of photo manipulation. The third concert in the series, 'Contrast' will take listeners into the realm of solo, electroacoustic and improvised music. My piece for alto saxophone and electronics will be premiered by the super-talented saxophonist and conductor of Ensemble Apex, Sam Weller.

The piece is called Expansion, as it takes the listener on a journey from acoustic sound into electroacoustic sound. Opening with an expressive solo saxophone, the electronics subtly begin to mimic the soloist and eventually form a flowing texture over which the saxophone explores playful melodies. The texture continues to expand throughout the piece, culminating in the final wash of shimmering electronic timbres.

The concert will also feature a range of talented young composers and performers from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, in a beautiful venue - St Stephens Uniting Church - on Thursday the 6th of June at 7:00pm. Tickets to this concert are free and are available here

You can see Sam practicing Expansion below. I'm very excited to hear it and I hope to see you there!


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