Another Digital Premiere | Konzertprojekt's 'Unspoken' Series

At the end of 2019 I joined a group called Konzertprojekt: a small collective of composers who curate concerts of chamber, audiovisual and electroacoustic music, showcase a diverse range of emerging composers and performers, and seek to cultivate a vibrant community of living music in Sydney. Of course, with live events being almost non-existent in 2020, I haven't had any opportunities to create (or compose for) Konzertprojekt concerts.

However, following in the footsteps of many local and international arts organisations, KP has adapted to the circumstances in order to present our new online series: Unspoken. This series will digitally premiere four wonderfully contrasting compositions by Konzertprojekt members: Maddy Briggs, Rhys Little, Christine Pan and myself. Each work shares the connection of being inspired by intimate, personal or 'unspoken' themes, and explores these ideas through one or two instruments. Set with the beautiful backdrop of St Stephen's Uniting Church on Macquarie Street, this online series features various friends of Konzertprojekt, and has been exquisitely captured by videographer Ruari Campbell.

Having taken the lead on this project, I've really enjoyed designing the feel of the series, working with the videographer, and using this opportunity to launch a rebranding of the group.

My piece Changing Ways for flute and piano is kicking off the series on the 5th of November, performed by Emilia Antcliff and Jeremy So (pictured above). Built on a skipping and unpredictable accompaniment, this fun piece begins with dance-like grooves and soaring melodies, before exploring sharper melodic angles and harmony. It explores how simple changes like eating healthy, exercising, or even moving apartments can have a big effect on your perspective and mental wellbeing, and was inspired by my recent move to a sunny apartment in a quiet area - a much needed change in the middle of a pandemic.

Watch Changing Ways here:

You can watch the whole series on Konzertprojekt's Facebook or Youtube, including all four premieres and brief discussions with each composer as they're released. New pieces are being posted every Thursday of November.

Finally, since meeting and working with Emilia, she has commissioned me to write a new piece for flute and electronics inspired by major political issues of 2020, so stay tuned for that release next year. The music industry may be crumbling at the moment, but far out it is so inspiring to see passionate musicians who will not stop creating!

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