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Bike Song (2017)

- SA (Children's Choir) and Piano

- 3'00''

- Composed for Trinity Grammar School's Junior Choir as their Composer Fellow for 2017

* Premiered at Trinity Grammar School’s 2017 art exhibition

Commissioned by Trinity Grammar School, 'Bike Song' is a rhythmically driving piece about the fun and excitement of riding a bike. With catchy melodies, a triumphant chorus, and a moment featuring a variety of bicycle bells, this is a fun piece for primary school children.

A-E-I-O-U: The Atheist's Alleluia (2016)


- 5'00'

Singing the religious word ‘Alleluia’ creates beautifully resonant music, as it is constructed from pure Italian vowels. The cheeky subtitle of this piece - The Atheist’s ‘Alleluia’ - makes reference to the fact that there are no words, just pure vowels, to create a beautifully resonant, secular piece.

I Shall Not Live In Vain (2014)


- 3'00''

- Composed for Gondwana Singers

* Premiered at the Gondwana National Choral School Concert, 2014


This piece was composed for the Gondwana Singers at their 2014 National Choral School. Although it was premiered by very talented performers, the vocal ranges, level of difficulty and division of parts were designed for regular high school choirs. The piece sets uplifting poetry by Emily Dickinson to create a light and peaceful work with a rich, warm texture.

Rain (2013)


- 2'00''

* Premiered at St Columba Anglican School’s Winter Soirée concert 2013


This piece uses the compositional devices of ostinati and imitation to create a steady sense of direction under the falling melodic lines. It was original composed for Gondwana Voices at their National Choral School in 2013, but is suitable for most treble choirs.

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